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PCS Electronics

3100 Brown Station Rd, Suite E

Columbia, Missouri 65202

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PCS Electronics strives to bring you the highest quality power electronics and energy conversion services possible.  Our offered services include generator installation/repair, inverter installation/repair, solar energy system design and installation, and general electronic repair.  

Harness solar energy to decrease or eliminate your electricity bill.  Install a backup generator or battery/inverter system to ensure your your home or business is never without power.   We can help you decide what the best solution is for your power needs.

Power conversion systems are often found in RV's, campers, trailers, semi-trucks, and at home.  Just like other appliances, they can malfunction, become damaged, and need repair.  If your devices aren't working properly, let us repair them.  Most devices or systems can be brought to our shop for repair.  We have a lot for parking trailers, semi-trucks, or RV's.  Service calls may be made for home standby generators or other immobile jobs.  

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